Euclid Space Telescope to Launch on July 1st,2023

 Euclid aims to explore  Dark Energy and Dark Matter  Two Enigmatic components that Dominate the Cosmos.

 Dark energy and dark matter constitute over 95% of the universe.  Dark matter is inferred from the behavior of visible matter,

Dark Energy and Dark Matter

Euclid's Instruments 

 Euclid features a visible light camera to measure galaxy shapes,brightness and distance using near-infrared detector

Euclid's Unique  Approach: 

Euclid differs from other observatories like Hubble and the James Webb Space Telescope. 

Gravitational Lensing 

 Euclid utilizes gravitational lensing to map the distribution of matter.

Mapping Dark Matter 

Euclid's extensive data collection enables mapping the distribution of dark matter.

Baryon Acoustic Oscillations 

 Baryon acoustic oscillations are ripples in the matter distribution of the universe.

Understanding the Universe's Evolution 

Studying early universe wrinkles and the impact of dark energy provides insights into cosmic evolution.

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