Sony Mocopi Motion Tracking System Will Be Available in the US Next Month for $449

Mocopi offers an innovative solution to bring virtual characters to life by utilizing only six wearable sensors and a smartphone.

Sony is set to introduce its groundbreaking smartphone motion tracking system, Mocopi, to the US market. Sony Mocopi release date not announced yet but it will be available in next month. After Sony Mocopi Motion Tracking System successful debut in Japan earlier this year, Mocopi promises to revolutionize the way virtual characters come to life, utilizing just six wearable sensors and a smartphone.

This innovative system offers an affordable alternative to traditional motion capture studios and cumbersome sensor setups, opening up new possibilities for video game development, animation, and visual effects.

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1. Introduction of Sony Mocopi Motion Tracking System

Motion capture has become an indispensable tool for various industries, including video game development and visual effects.

By recording the movements of real-life performers and applying them to virtual characters, motion capture enhances animation quality and enables more lifelike and nuanced movements.

However, the high costs associated with traditional motion capture systems have limited accessibility to larger studios with substantial budgets.

Here’s a summary of the price and specifications of Sony Mocopi Motion Tracking System in tabular form:

Sony Mocopi Price$449
Motion Trackers6 compact trackers
Tracker Features3DoF accelerometer for physical movements
3DoF angular rate sensor for orientation tracking
CompatibilitySmartphone app for control
Data TransmissionBluetooth connectivity to the app
PC IntegrationReal-time data sharing over Wi-Fi
SDK AvailabilitySoftware development kit for custom applications
AffordabilityMore cost-effective than traditional motion capture systems
PerformanceData captured at 50Hz
Specification of Sony Mocopi Motion Tracking System

2. The Need for Affordable Motion Capture Solutions

Historically, motion capture systems have been prohibitively expensive, requiring extensive setups and specialized equipment.

These systems often involve complex arrays of sensors and specialized suits, necessitating dedicated spaces and substantial financial investments.

As the popularity of virtual YouTubers and influencers continues to rise, the demand for more affordable and accessible motion capture solutions has grown.

3. Sony’s Mocopi: A Game-Changer in Motion Tracking

  • Sony Mocopi is a smartphone-based wearable motion tracking system that aims to democratize motion capture technology.
  • The system consists of six compact motion trackers, resembling Apple’s AirTags with a touch of vibrant color.
  • Each tracker features a 3DoF accelerometer to capture physical movements and a 3DoF angular rate sensor to track orientation in 3D space.

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4. Simplicity and Convenience

  • Mocopi offers a user-friendly and convenient experience.
  • The motion trackers can be easily attached to straps or clips worn on the performer’s wrists, ankles, hip, and head, with labels to ensure proper placement.
  • The trackers charge simultaneously within a compact carrying case using a single USB cable.
  • Through Bluetooth connectivity, the trackers transmit positional data to an accompanying smartphone app, where users can control a virtual character.

5. Versatile Applications

  • The possibilities with Mocopi extend beyond smartphone-based control.
  • Users can seamlessly share positional data with a PC over Wi-Fi in real-time, enabling the control of computer-generated (CG) characters in various applications such as VRChat.
  • Sony also provides a software development kit (SDK) for leveraging the data captured by Mocopi for other custom applications.

6. Affordability and Accessibility

  • One of the most significant advantages of Mocopi is its affordability.
  • Priced at $449, the system offers an accessible solution for motion capture enthusiasts, independent developers, and smaller studios.
  • Compared to full virtual reality systems like the HTC Vive, which can cost several thousand dollars when factoring in individual trackers and base stations, Mocopi provides a significantly more cost-effective alternative.

7. Performance and Limitations

  • While Mocopi presents an affordable motion tracking option, it’s important to consider its performance limitations.
  • The system captures data at a rate of 50Hz, which may result in less precise tracking compared to higher-end solutions.
  • Other alternatives like SlimeVR, capturing data at 100Hz, offer faster communication via a dedicated Wi-Fi system and are available at a lower price of $190 for a six-tracker setup.

Image Source: Sony and Lexica

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) –

Sony Mocopi Motion Tracking System

1. What is the Sony Mocopi Motion Tracking System?

The Sony Mocopi Motion Tracking System is an advanced technology that enables the creation and control of virtual characters using wearable sensors and a smartphone.

2. How many sensors are included in the Mocopi system?

The Mocopi system consists of six compact wearable sensors that capture physical movements and orientation in 3D space.

3. Can Mocopi be used with any smartphone?

Yes, Mocopi is designed to work with smartphones and has a dedicated app for controlling virtual characters.

4. How does Mocopi communicate with the smartphone?

Mocopi sensors communicate with the smartphone app via Bluetooth, allowing users to control and manipulate virtual characters.

5. Is Mocopi compatible with PCs?

Yes, Mocopi can transmit positional data to a PC over Wi-Fi in real-time, enabling users to control computer-generated (CG) characters in various applications.

6. Can I develop my own applications using Mocopi?

Absolutely! Sony provides a software development kit (SDK) for Mocopi, allowing developers to leverage the captured data for custom applications and integrations.

7. How affordable is the Sony Mocopi Motion Tracking System?

The Mocopi system offers a more affordable alternative to traditional motion capture solutions, priced at $449. It provides accessibility to motion tracking technology for enthusiasts, independent developers, and smaller studios.

8. What is the data capture rate of Mocopi?

Mocopi captures data at a rate of 50Hz, providing a reliable tracking experience for most applications.

9. Are there any limitations to the Mocopi system?

While Mocopi is an affordable and versatile motion tracking solution, it’s important to note that there may be higher-end systems with more precise tracking capabilities. It’s crucial to consider the specific requirements of your project when evaluating motion capture options.

10. Where can I purchase the Sony Mocopi Motion Tracking System?

You can purchase the Sony Mocopi Motion Tracking System through authorized retailers or online platforms. Be sure to visit Sony’s official website for more information on availability and purchasing options.

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