Evernote Move to Europe Sparks Debate and Reshapes the Workforce

Evernote, the renowned note-taking app, has undergone significant changes after being acquired by Milan-based app developer Bending Spoons in November last year. The latest development reveals that Bending Spoons has laid off a majority of its employees in the United States and Chile.

The company intends to shift most of its operations to Europe. This move follows a previous round of layoffs where 129 positions were eliminated due to its long-standing unprofitability.

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Evernote Move to Europe

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Layoffs and Shifting Operations of Evernote

  • Bending Spoons, the new owner of Evernote, confirmed the reduction in workforce without disclosing the exact number of affected employees.
  • A scan of LinkedIn reveals that several long-serving software engineers lost their jobs.
  • The majority of its operations will now be handled by a dedicated team based in Europe.
  • Bending Spoons CEO Luca Ferrari expressed confidence in the expertise and strength of their 400-plus workforce, many of whom have been working on it since the acquisition.
TitleEvernote Faces Major Workforce Reduction and Plans European Expansion
IntroductionThe note-taking app, acquired by Bending Spoons, undergoes changes. Bending Spoons lays off its employees in the US and Chile, and plans to shift operations to Europe. Previous layoffs due to unprofitability.
Layoffs and Shifting OperationsBending Spoons reduces its workforce, the exact number is undisclosed. European team to handle most operations.
Bending Spoons’ Ambitious Plans The note-taking app, acquired by Bending Spoons, undergoes changes. Bending Spoons lays off its employees in the US and Chile, and plans to shift operations to Europe. Previous layoffs due to unprofitability.
A Decline from Former GloryNo specific strategy was disclosed, but ambitious plans to leverage the European team and expertise. Competition with Notion and Obsidian acknowledged.
ConclusionIt’s popularity and valuation declined due to a lack of focus and software issues. Recent layoffs signify challenges in a crowded market.

Bending Spoons’ Ambitious Plans

  • While Bending Spoons remains tight-lipped about its specific strategy to make it successful in a highly competitive market, CEO Luca Ferrari assured that their plans for the app are as ambitious as ever.
  • The company aims to leverage its European team’s capabilities and the extensive expertise of Bending Spoons’ workforce to drive Evernote’s growth.
  • Despite the challenges posed by competitors like Notion and Obsidian, Bending Spoons is determined to revitalize its standing.

A Decline from Former Glory

  • Evernote, once a popular note-taking app and early success in the App Store, has faced significant setbacks in recent years.
  • Although it reached a valuation of $1 billion at its peak, the company’s lack of focus and buggy software has gradually diminished its appeal.
  • The recent layoffs and operational changes mark another low point for it, highlighting the challenges it faces in an overcrowded market.
Evernote Move to Europe


With Bending Spoons’ acquisition of Evernote, the note-taking app faces a major restructuring, including a substantial reduction in its US and Chilean workforce. The company plans to shift operations to Europe and rely on its expertise and a dedicated team to reignite its success. While the specific strategies for achieving this goal remain undisclosed, Bending Spoons is determined to overcome competition and revitalize its position in the market. This development represents a significant turning point for a once-prominent app that has struggled to maintain its former popularity and prominence.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQ)

Q1. Why did Bending Spoons lay off most of Evernote’s employees?

Bending Spoons laid off the employees because it had been unprofitable for years and the company needed to make changes to improve its financial situation.

Q2. How many positions were cut in the previous round of layoffs at Evernote?

In the previous round of layoffs, 129 positions were eliminated at Evernote.

Q3. What is Bending Spoons’ plan for Evernote’s operations?

Bending Spoons intends to move most of its operations to Europe, where a dedicated team will assume ownership of the product.

Q4. How does Bending Spoons plan to make Evernote successful in a crowded market?

The article does not provide specific details on Bending Spoons’ plans to make it successful, but it mentions their ambition to leverage the expertise of their European team and the strength of their overall workforce.

Q5. What factors contributed to Evernote’s decline from its former popularity and valuation?

Its decline can be attributed to a lack of focus and buggy software, which gradually diminished its appeal to users over the years.

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